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Calabrese Argenti” was born in the year 1994, it was specialized,at the beginning, as silverware shop, afterwards it has integrated purslane to avail of prestigious brand such as Herend, J.L. Coquet, Haviland & Parlons, Royal Limoges, Hering and the end it has integrated jewellery, with stones certificated and they have been scaled off; setting exclusive yewellers.

Today “Calabrese Argenti” proposes an alegant, plain and sophisticated show-room, looking for to costumer's suit needs always growing and it has integrated the novelty that the companies propose in the international fairs.

Its partners are: Baccarat, Sevres, Daum, Cioni Mario, Elsaglass, Ichendorf; in addition to those abore mentioned Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl too, such as ancient collection, in regard to the silverware Buccellati, Zanetto, Cassetti, Monforte, La Noblesse, AFM, in addition to these period pieces's collection of ancient and new scheffield, too.

In addition, we remember that “Calabrese Argenti”offers a wide range of products dedicated to kitchen and to lovers of the particular diskes through pratical cookware and of butter quality as Giannini, Brandani, Magpie firm.

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